Sonic 3 complete Sega Mega Drive game 8bitbeyond
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Sonic 3 complete Sega Mega Drive game 8bitbeyond

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Sonic 3 complete

The Sega Power Mascot is back in the 3rd instalment for the mega drive series. 

  •  complete with manual 
  • all round vgc
  • case is missing hangtab and manual has some wear
sonic 3 complete
sonic 3 complete pin badge

Sonic 3, Complete with the awesome bonus stages where you collect the rings whilst in a maze. Collect all the rings to earn the emerald before moving onto the next level.

Pin Badge

If you pre-ordered the game back in the 90s you got this cool pin badge when you collected it. Not many of these are still knocking about. Would of been nice to see one with Miles also. 

Sonic 3

Sonic the hedgehog 3

complete with 2 player mode so it was more playable with friends, you chose Sonic or Tails as a character in sonic 3 he was able to fly which was just fantastic to be able to get to those hard to reach places for bonus lines etc. There are 6 stage levels with 2 acts per stage, the game can also be enhanced by using the sonic and knuckles cart to give the game a whole new lease of life, It creates a whole new sonic game series. Save the emeralds by running back through levels and beating the boss Dr Eggman on his floating island. Sonic Tails can work together with moves like the helicopter lift where Tails flies and carries sonic, This is the first version in the series that this combo move was available. The Special levels came up where you had to get the challenge completed for the emeralds to become available. The 2 player head to head mode saw friends battle to complete each special level for the best time whilst collecting rings along the way. During the main game mode collecting 100 rings will give you an extra life like the previous Sonic the hedgehog games. Collecting all 7 emeralds unlocked special features, These Emeralds could only be unlocked via the special stage levels. you could play the special stage in 2 player mode with a friend. Robotnik appeared at the end of the level in the form of the boss on screen that players had to beat, He would be on the screen in some sort of contraption. Once beat you the boss you're chosen character would be running to the next level.

Mega Drive

Be wary if using on one of the new aftermarket mega drive type consoles as with some the combo is known not to work. We always recommend using original hardware. When combined the Game title is Sonic knuckles which is what the full release game was originally supposed to be however due to time constraints during development the game had to be split into 2. There is lots of fun to be had whichever combination you choose to play. Sonic 3 complete's the series and what a franchise it turned out to be. This game is a must buy if you don't own it!

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