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Sega Saturn Hardware

The Sega Saturn codenamed simply "Saturn" during development started life in 1992 it was supervised by research & Development director Hideki Sato. in 1993 Sega partnered up with Hitachi to make the CPU as a joint venture. They created the SH-2 chip 2 of which we put in the unit which is what allowed the 3d rendering. It has its first outing at the Tokyo toy show in 1994. It is a 32-bit console using cd rom based games. The North America and Pal European machines are black, In Japan the Japanese units were often Grey with blue buttons.

Sega Saturn Model 1 console 

world release dates

The Saturn was released across the 3 main regions Japan (NTSC-J) November 22nd 1994. July 8th 1995 Brought the United Kingdom (PAL) release of the Saturn followed by The North American (NTSC) release in September 1995. The North American release was earlier than originally anticipated as Sega wanted it in the market before Sony released their Playstation console.

Saturn Release price

 Priced at £399.99p it was up against a PlayStation that was priced at £299.99p. The Saturn Came with Virtua fighter. So for 1995 it was a lot of money for parents to buy one. That is the equivalent to paying £512.74p today(jan-2021)

Sega Saturn Video Game titles

We Saw some great title released with Sega Rally and Daytona USA. Panzer dragoon series. Many arcade ports were transitioned onto the Sega Saturn games library. In the United Kingdom 241 great titles were released over a 4 year period with the last game being Deep Fear. The 3d graphics were revolutionary in the home video game console market. Games came in long box cases similar to that of dvd cases.

Saturn processing Power

The Hard-ware was 32 bit which is double that of the Mega drive console at only 16 bit. The Machine was of the 5th generation of consoles. Able to play arcade ports which were as close to the originals as any manufacturer could get.

Famous Video Game titles

The United Kingdom and America fell in love with Panzer dragoon saga, RPG lovers note it as one of the all time great video games. Bomberman had a host of fans with its simple gameplay and multiplayer functionality. The virtua fighter series with its 3 dimensional game play. Shooters included House of the dead and Virtua cop 1&2. The light gun product available could be connected up to an old crt tv system and used as a controller on the system.

Sega Saturn Accessories

There are a number of accessories that were released for the system which were there to assist games. A 6-way Multiplayer adapter so many friends could play at the same time on the console, The light gun for the selection of shooters. A video card was released so VCD movies can be played. A 3d controller was released for use with nights into Dreams. all in the name of enhancing gameplay.

Nights into Dreams controller

How much does a Sega Saturn Cost?

The system costs around £90 for a loose console and up to £250 for a boxed console depending on the version. The console had 2 main versions in the United Kingdom, The Model 1 and model 2.

Model 1

This can be identified by the black buttons on the top of the console it came in a rectangle box. There are a number of sleeve variations for the console depending on the game bundle included.

Model 2

This can be identified by the grey buttons on the top of the console. it came in a square box. mostly with no games bundled

Sega Marketing mistake with the Saturn

The Saturn was on the back door from when it was released as it was rushed through, Sega spent $4 million on marketing in comparison to Sony's $20 million. The Playstation outsold the Saturn by 3-1 in the uk. Releasing in July They missed all the Christmas sales that the Ps1 picked up. Sega never recovered from this time and the companies downfall started. Even with this the Sega Saturn sold over 9 million units. North America sold 100,000 units on pre-order after a $50 million marketing campaign towards an older audience.

Today video game price points vary due to condition of the item Sega's best gaming options are difficult to find especially in good condition. some new items may be purchased but as most just had a sticker sealing the game it is inherently difficult to distinguish a new item first.