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What is a Master System?

The Sega Master System is an 8 bit games console developed by Sega and release being in 1987 in Europe and 1986 in North American territories. The system was a remodelled version of the Sega mark-iii(the 3rd version of the SG-1000) It was Brought out to counter the NES but struggled to take off, Nintendo were very shrewd when issuing licences for games as a requirement was exclusivity. This meant the Master System Games library is no where near as vast as its Nintendo counterpart. The smaller cheaper Sega Master System ii (2) was released in 1990-1991 respectively. Brazil got its release in 1989.

How Much did Sega Master System Cost?

The console was priced at £99.99p in the United Kingdom and Europe, $149.99 in North America and 19,800 Japanese yen in Japan. The consoles sold around 12 million systems worldwide. The failure put down to the lack of software for the hardware

Games Built In on the Master System and Master System ii

Like some of the Original master system consoles the Sega Master System ii came with built in games. Some had Sonic the Hedgehog and others had Alex Kidd in miracle world. The original console had a card slot which took card based games as well as the 3d glasses that were available for the console, This was removed on the Sega Master System ii. The power base adapter for the mega drive allowed game cards and 3d glasses to be used, it converts the cartridge slot to be able to fit Master System Cartridges.The light phaser is able to be connected to both versions of the console. The Controller Fitting is the same for both Sega Master System and 16 bit Megadrive.

The Master System ii is a really compact video game console which if you don't have much space then it is handy. But if you want the full experience you need the Original master system's hardware