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 The Mega Drive was released in the uk in 2 forms the original Console has grey buttons and is rectangular in shape.

An experience Similar to that of arcades or the era, the Mega Drive appealed to gamers. With titles orientated towards teenagers it was more popular with them than other consoles of the time. An internal FM synthesiser produced high-quality stereo music and sound effects; The Mega Drive Contains 72 KB of RAM and 64 KB of video RAM, it displays up to 64 colours at once out of a possible 512 options from its armoury.

The Sega Mega Drive – known in North America as the Sega Genesis – was released in Europe in November 1990. The 16-bit successor to the 8-bit Sega Master System, the MegaDrive had vibrant graphics, Speedy gameplay, and synthesised stereo sound. The Mega Drive sold over 40 million units worldwide, making it one of the most successful video game consoles of all time.

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