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We have a range of N64 games for sale, Below is a link to a collection tracker that is excel based that you can download to keep track of your collection.

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Where can I buy Nintendo 64 games?

In the United Kingdom, Nintendo 64 game carts can be bought from a variety of websites including ours. Cex, Ebay, Facebook marketplace, gumtree, etc. There are also many physical locations around the uk like sore thumb games, Super tomato, games pad and many more.

Why are N64 games so expensive?

N64 game carts came boxed in cardboard mostly with the red Nintendo red strip seal in the UK. A lot of people especially younger ones ripped those boxes open on Birthdays and Christmas when they got the games. The price of software has a huge range with the main factors being condition, Box, manual and cart. Complete game's sell for way more than a cart and mint condition more again. N64 collectors can be extremely fussy about condition the slightest marks or creases to the cardboard can have an effect on the price. If you are unsure about any of our products please reach out and we would be more than happy to provide more information or pictures upon request.

Are there fake N64 games?

Yes, There are fakes in the United Kingdom marketplace, as well as fake boxes. As a generalisation it is the more expensive games that are faked. When buying online look out for terms like: New, reproduction, REPO, Repro, Custom, These are the favourite terms people may use to inform you that a game is counterfeit without saying it is directly. These fake carts can deliver a bad experience. fakes can often show the American rating instead of pegi.

Do fake N64 games work?

Yes, generally Fake video games work, Just be wary of glitches as depending of the source of the rom used they may not work like the originals. It is always best to make sure you own original licences software. It is always good to play on original consoles as some software has difficulty playing on newer type consoles available online.

internal Game batteries

Nintendo 64 games like Zelda have internal batteries which allow game save features to be used on the cart. These slots can hold multiple bits of game save information. We check our carts to make sure the batteries are still in working order and replace where necessary.

Our N64 Stock

We upload new games as quick as we can, So keep your eyes peeled and reach out if you can't find what you're looking for. Delivery is always via cardboard solid boxes so the games are protected when in transit for customer peace of mind and ours. We always aim to deliver a great experience when shopping using our site. Lots of consoles come with one controller you can purchase an additional controller which vary in price depending on colour.

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