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Nintendo GameCube 659 games released worldwide. With Greats like the Mario party, Metal Gear solid Twin Snake, Super Smash bros melee, Legend of Zelda wind waker, resident evil 4, f zero gx, metroid prime, viewtiful joe, Ocarina of time, animal crossing, rogue leader,

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Game cube Disc damage!

 The game cube games were made on a 1.5gb 8cm Disc which is 4cm smaller than your general cd disc. The Gamecube was the first Nintendo console to use disc based media instead of cartridges. The console was aimed at a younger audience.

When purchasing make sure you check the centre ring. When pulled out of the case without pressing the centre button it is common for a crack to appear on the inner ring. Also you can check the inner ring for a smudge like mark, this could be an indication that the disc has been through a disc cleaner.

Gamecube Region code Identification 

The games came in a plastic Nintendo branded case. They had a manual, VIP card sometimes poster/leaflet too. In the top right hand corner of the manual there is a code to signify what country format the game was.

This was also indicated on the spine of the case by way of a coloured triangle on the bottom. Pal uk games we Green, Europe was purple, and other European countries had their own colour too.

You need either the specific regional consoles or free-loader to play certain video games

4-way multiplayer gaming

Like the xbox Nintendo Gamecube games were able to be played by up to 4 players directly via the controller ports on the front of the console.

This gave hours of fun to any group of friends, from Fifa to Frogger there was fun to be had by families or friends who played any game. 

Gamecube family Favourites

Mario Party games for Nintendo gamecube

The Mario Party adventure series Continued its releases with 4 new games released on the Gamecube console:

The series genre is where users provide the chosen characters navigation around a board game with mini games happening after every turn there are a few game modes including story mode.

To win the game you need to collect stars whilst working your way round the board. There are red and green landing squares which form the basis of the teams at the end of the turn. Games could be 2 on 2, 3 on 1, or all against each other. Items like coins and stars are collected around the board.

If buying 6 or 7 make sure you either have the microphone or purchase it with the game as some of the mini games require it to play them.

Zelda games released on the Gamecube

The Zelda series also had 4 games released on the Gamecube console

  • The legend of Zelda The twilight princess
  • The Legend of Zelda Four Swords adventures
  • Zelda the Wind Waker
  • Zelda Collectors edition

Every RPG lovers favourite Link is back on his adventures through the mystical worlds.

Like all the games before these there is a huge fan base and whilst they sold well upon release they have continued to gather more players over time.

Mario Gamecube Games

We couldn't talk about the Gamecube without covering off the releases from Nintendo's famous Mascot. 12 Mario titled gamecube games released on the console

  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Mario Kart Double Dash
  • Mario SuperStar Baseball
  • Super Mario Strikers
  • Mario Golf toadstool tour
  • Paper Mario and the Thousand-year Door
  • Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
  • Mario Power Tennis
  • Mario Party 4-5-6-7

So Everything from party games, platform and sports games to keep everyone entertained. Some very fun titles to work your way through some of them being expensive as highly sought after.

Mario Kart Double dash is considered by many to be the best Mario Kart racing video game released.

Are Nintendo GameCube games worth money?

All gamecube games are worth Money but some have increased in price dramatically over the past 2 years. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive gamecube games.

Gadget racers - up to £300

Fire Emblem games path of radiance - up to £275

Pokemon xd Gale Of Darkness - up to £235

Naruto Clash of ninjas - up to £200 (pal ukv manual)

Mario Party 7 (Big box) - up to £200

Chibi Robo - up to £180

Kirby Air ride - up to £180

Paper Mario - up to £160

Mario Superstar baseball - up to £160

Frogger Beyond - up to £150

**Prices were taken from Ebay sold listings January 2021, The were all complete games in very good condition. The prices will be higher for new sealed games and again Higher for graded games.

For collectors there are around 25 additional games out of the set that range over £100. This may not seem too bad out of the total Pal collection but just a year ago there were only 5 games that were over £100. Prices are continuing to rise and it is getting harder to find games to buy.

Where can I buy old Gamecube Games?

At 8 Bit Beyond we have a wide selection of Gamecube games available, But we are not the only place to find them, CEX, Ebay, Local marketplace are just a few other places where you will be able to find them. The rare titles will always be harder to find in the wild but then they will always be much cheaper too.

 Is a Gamecube worth buying?

Yes and no, Sounds ominous right? Well the truth is the gamecube is definitely worth buying. However what many people do not realise is that certain Wii consoles have the controller port hidden away on the top of the console and the ability to play gamecube games.

This can often be a much more cost effective way to play gamecube games. It also means you have a console that can play games from 2 different generations.

Personally nothing beats the look of the original console so it will always be my go to device. The major benefit of the Wii is you can buy a hdmi adapter relatively cheap to connect up to a new tv. star fox adventures is part of video games history, with solid gameplay and the follow up from star fox assault. Mario kart double dash is a firm favourite on the console with lots of multiplayer action with it's different game modes.

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