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Nintendo Gamecube Consoles + Accessories

The Nintendo gamecube is symbolic of Nintendo's commitment towards innovation with its unique design and compact shape (11.4 x 15 x 16 cm) it stands out amongst the crowd. The 4 controller ports on the front of the console allowed friends or family to play together, it is a disc based system. Released in Japan and North America in 2001 followed by the United Kingdom and other Pal territories in 2002. The Nintendo GameCube was the manufacturers first entry into the sixth generation of games consoles.

Indigo Gamecube consolePlatinum gamecube console

Nintendo Game cube Accessories

GameCube Controllers

The console also has the wavebird controller which was the first official wireless controller released by Nintendo, The controller are with a receiver which had a wheel to change the frequency so that multiples could be connected. Unlike the megadrive wireless controller which only had 2 position settings. The Gamecube came in various colours. Indigo, Black, Platinum and pearl white being the uk base colours, then there was the tales of symphonia green. New third party controllers can be purchased online.

Game boy advance

A Link cable is available for the game boy advance allowing the game boy advance to be used as a controller on games like The legend of Zelda.

GameCube Link Cable
Memory card

Gamecube memory cards used blocks to store data, The smallest memory card was 59 blocks and the largest official cards are 251 blocks. most games use very few blocks but some like animal crossing use 60-100 blocks depending if you made your own content like tracks on Tony hawks pro skater 2 etc. some limited stickered memory cards came with games like Pokemon colosseum and animal crossing + Mario Kart double dash. Third party memory cards can be purchased and also have a bigger memory capacity.

 Why was the Nintendo GameCube a failure?

The Gamecube was considered a failure even though it made a profit via sales. Against its competitors Nintendo lost market share. Selling just under 22 million consoles worldwide between 2001 and 2007 when It was discontinued. Whilst considered a failure because of its lack of features it was praised because of the ergonomic controller, compact design and great selection of high quality games. Its successor the Nintendo Wii went on to sell over 100 million units. An information report stated that within a month Nintendo had customers purchase 200,000 out of the 300,000 initial stock consoles and also generated sales of product worth £75,000,000 were sold.

Nintendo Game cube Games

The console has over 450 pal Gamecube games to collect and a great selection. Most games are under £100 bar a handful. Including a great selection of Mario Based games. Mario Sunshine will be one that everyone remembers. The video game discs are unique to gamecube games. In the United Kingdom games like Mario party are still popular today with families playing. Especially as the games can be played on some of the Wii systems. Good disc titles are easy to fins for all wether you like action or party games there will be products that please you. Top price titles are mentioned on our games collection page. Which is good for information purposes. Donkey Kong, bongo drums will keep many people entertained.

Nintendo Gamecube Games Cases 

The cases were specific to the gamecube as the discs are smaller than a standard cd. The cases are embossed internally with the Nintendo GameCube logo. There is a players choice selection of games which came in silver cases and not the normal black ones. The colour triangle at the bottom of the spine indicates which region the game is formatted for. Green is for Pal uk. The console is able to be linked to a game boy advance for play with certain games Like Zelda four swords. Gamecube consoles came with pak sleeve coverings for the console boxes to identify bundled packages.

Gamecube Console variants

There are over 20 different variations of the gamecube console pack with some being very rare/Limited and sought after. Some came with bundled video games in the box like the Zelda console pack and the Pokemon colosseum pak. The varying console packs also had different colour consoles. The United Kingdom had different paks to North America and Japan. Some were limited to Japan. The bundled video games have not to be sold separately on the rear of the case where the barcode should be so are easily identified.

Nintendo Vip Cards and game posters

The Product also came with VIP cards which give points for Nintendo's online service. Product posters that came inside a game purchase acted as a mini content catalogue of new product items that were coming onto the video game market in the future.

Our Gamecube Product information

All of our gamecube consoles are in full working order, you can also find gamecube games to buy in our games collection. Any visual defects on our Gamecube console will be notified in the product description. The content to each product listed refers to that one exact item. Each will come with its specified cables and one official controller. Unless mentioned no game will come with the console you can buy separately. we hope you have a happy gaming experience. There are different types of cables to fit scart or component fitting depending on what fitment you television system has. It is best to check with us if you are unsure. If you can't find the item your looking for be it cable, controller, power supply or game please drop us an email for more detailed information on condition etc.