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The gamecube console has 4 controller ports on the front of the console. The console also has the wavebird controller which was the first official wireless controller released by Nintendo, The controller are with a receiver which had a wheel to change the frequency so that multiples could be connected. Unlike the megadrive wireless controllers which only had 2 position settings. The Gamecube came in various colours. Indigo, Black, Platinum and pearl white being the uk base colours, then there was the tales of symphonia green. The Gamecube was considered a failure even though it made a profit via sales. Against its competitors Nintendo lost market share.  The console was released in a number of colours, the main ones being Indigo, Platinum and Black in the uk. Spice orange was hot in Asia, We had the pearl White in Europe also.


The console has over 450 pal games to collect and a great selection. Most of the games are under £100 bar a handful.


The cases were specific to the gamecube as the discs are smaller than a standard cd. The cases are embossed internally with the Nintendo GameCube logo. There is a players choice selection of games which came in silver cases and not the normal black ones. The colour triangle at the bottom of the spine indicates which region the game is formatted for. Green is for Pal uk. The console is able to be linked to a gameboy advance for play with certain games Like Zelda four swords. Gamecube consoles came with pak sleeve coverings for the console boxes to identify bundled packages. There are over 20 different variations of the console pack with some being very rare and sought after.