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Nintendo 64 consoles

Experience the classics from your childhood again with Nintendo 64 consoles

Developments in technology has moved video games on tremendously over the last decade, But the classics made for the N64 still have a certain charm that draws people back to them. We have a selection of consoles available that will allow you to play your favourites from your youth and any new titles that you may find.

How many different N64 consoles are there?

There are 6 variations of the fantastic console ( Jungle Green, ice blue, Watermelon red, Fire Orange, Grape purple, Smoke Black). 

Fantastic N64 consoles

Clear white/Blue (came with super Mario 64 game) and Clear white/red.

Nintendo 64 Mario console pack

4 Pokemon versions, Pikachu- light blue, dark blue + orange, Battle set,

Pikachu Nintendo 64 console
Pokemon Battle set nintendo 64 console

There are 5 sponsored branded versions- JUSCO, Toys 'R' Us, Hyundai, Daiei, Nippon Airlines.

The gold N64 console.

These limited edition console sets had matching console and controller pairings.

N64 Region locking of consoles

All consoles are region locked so it is important to choose games from the same region as the console else there will not work if mixed.

Pal- signifies United Kingdom + released in Europe

NTSC- North America

NTSC-J - Japan

The games will have the region markings on them also which makes for easier identification.

Are Nintendo 64 consoles compatible with all TVs?

Yes they are, However it may require additional wires to connect. Not all new tvs have the orca connection socket or scart connectivity. If this is the case for you then a different connection cable will be required. It is worth noting that whilst the connection cables across the Snes, N64 + gamecube will all fit not all of them will output the same picture. If you are using the wrong cable you might experience bleaching, where the screen brightness looks like it is turned all the way up. The graphics can look poor on newer televisions, The can be improved using a HDMI upscale but the can cause real time video input delay.

The best of the 64 bit system

When thinking of 64 bit systems people with revert to either the Nintendo 64 or for those who remember it the Atari Jaguar, There are not many people who would have had friends or themselves owned a Jaguar. The nintendo 64 on the other hand was extremely popular with a huge array of titles like the super Mario 64 and Zelda series of games for single player action. On the other hand the console had 4 controller ports (first time this was seen) so was loved by many of its fans for its ability to entertain a party or sleepover with the likes of golden eye, perfect dark, the Mario party series. Internet services and online gaming hadn't really evolved features at time of release, So multiplayer action was a very social occasion. Previous consoles needed additional hardware to play with extra friends the n64 just needed additional controller and possibly an expansion port depending on the game. No party was complete without Mario Kart the quick racing, quality power ups and smooth sound made the N64 a hit for the nintendo company.

Nintendo 64 console

The Nintendo 64 console was released in the United Kingdom with a number of games and game packs the likes of Star Wars racer, Mario 64, Zelda ocarina of time. Game boy Pokemon games could be played on the Nintendo 64 via the transfer pak. video game with Cd sound quality,