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Games Trade In @ Retro Game Store UK

We would love to buy your Old games and Consoles. Reach out to us on whats app and we will be able to guide you to a value of what we would pay from some photos. We look forward to hearing from you.


There are many places these days where you can go to trade in your games. The likes of music magpie, CEX, game, you're local retro gaming store and so on, There is also the facility to sell them on sites like Ebay, gumtree, Shpock or Facebook marketplace. Ebay can get you a much wider audience but the associated fees with PayPal and Ebay could shave a large price off your sale price that coupled with postage costs and potential scammers. Each outlet has its positives and negatives so you just have to work out what works for you, If you are looking to use the money raised to buy new games then the retail shops will generally offer more in store credit which could be better. if you are selling a job lot then people will expect a discount as they won't need all the games and will end up selling some on once they get what they want. 


Sell your old Video Games

So you want to sell your stuff for as much as possible and the buyer wants to pay as little as possible A couple of things to do to get as much as possible are to sort through your stuff, Making sure all the bits are there, wires, boxes, manuals etc.

Make sure a console is tested and show it working, People will buy untested stuff all day but if it is untested then it affects the value as there is possibility it won't work. When checking games if they have boxes and manuals again it increases value over just a cart or disc. Check the condition of the disc for any scratches. Cartridge based games may not work if the pins are dirty, a good tip is to clean the pins using a cotton wool bud and isopropyl (alcohol solution) in 99% of cases this fixes any game that won't load. Lots of the old cartridge games have internal batteries to save the game, it is a good idea to check these save features are working (the kind of thing someone will pull you on if sold on Ebay as they would then say it was defective). The boxes if cardboard can hold huge variation in value depending on the condition of the box. The better it is the more money it is worth, Often the boxes are worth more than the actual game cartridge, that's right really they are. Boxes got destroyed over time so are hard to come by but carts are easy to replace so it is common for the cost of the box to be twice the price of what the cart is worth, again condition is everything.


Games Trade In