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Sega Game Gear consoles section filled with hardware and accessories for Sega's handheld beast.



The console was Sega's only handheld console that was available directly in the pal region, The USA had the Nomad, The game gear was not well built, The capacitors on every console needs replacing. Also the lcd displays are not great and common to fail. Luckily there are options to get them replaced in the current day. The console takes 6aa batteries to power it and they drain quicker than a bath with the plug pulled out. For that reason it is good to use with a power source. Back when it was released the console was one of the first colour screen handhelds on the market. The console can be modded to have a vga out enabling it to be connected to a new type tv for large screen output.

Things to watch for when buying a sega game gear

Corrosion is common from capacitor leaks, Check the sound for volume quiet or non existent sound are a good indicator of capacitor problems. Check the lcd screen for dead pixels and for lines, We recommend staying away from any console that has lines as will likely need a new LCD. The display looking Dim or only showing a picture when tilted is another indicator of bad capacitors.


All in all the Sega Game Gear Is a fantastic console just make sure you get one that is in full working order, Else it will likely need repairing. If you have the soldering skills there could be easy fixes for you.