Sega Information about their consoles

Sega Trademark Logo 1985- current date

Sega Logo background

The Cobalt Blue coloured Sega logo is recognised by gamers all over the world and has been since its creation in 1985. Often seen on a white background it is visually impressive and catches the eye. If you are a gamer I am pretty sure that this logo is on a sega console of sega Game in your house. It is also recognised by many young children as a logo from machines they see when going to the arcade at the beach or ten pin bowling with family/friends. This Logo has been associated with happiness for the last 35+ years. Sega as a company has been associated with bringing people that happiness for nearly 70 years.

Sega Video games consoles

Sega released consoles from 1983 through to 2011, these consoles came under 11 different names. There are literally millions of adoring fans across the globe who own consoles.

Sega SG-1000

- Released july 1983 Discontinued October 1985. The Sega SG-1000 was the first attempt by Sega to create a piece of home console hardware. This happened after a downturn in revenue in the arcades back in 1982. The concept of the console was innitiated after Hayao Nakayamo (president of sega in Japan) advised the wider board it was where the market would go to. It was released in 3 variations the SG-1000 the Sg-3000 and the sg-1000 mkii there is a library of 76 Cartridge games available for the consoles and an additional 29 game cards much the same as the ones that the sega Master System supports. 


Sega Master system

There were 313 Sega Master System games released worldwide with 268 on those in pal format. 168 of these games were Pal exclusives here is a link to our Sega Master System Game Checklist for pal region. The games were mostly released in cartridge format though a handfull of sega game cards exsist for the master system. The Master system has 2 variations of style the Master system and the Master system ii


Sega Megadrive/Genesis

There are over 900 Sega Mega Drive games available across all the regions of which 536 in the Pal region.


Sega Multi Mega -

The Sega Multi Mega Is a Mega Drive and Mega cd player in a compact portable unit that also doubled as a compact disc player. Worldwide there were 10,000 units sold, The official power supply for these units is 1.3amp output and it is the only power supply that is specific to this console. The Sega Multi Mega could use AA batteries so you could play music on the go.


Sega Game Gear -

The Game Gear was the first Handheld released by Sega, it is from the fourth generation of consoles. It has a colour screen and took a whopping 6 AA batteries to power, these batteries ran out quicker than water from a bucket with holes in the bottom. There are 196 Sega Game gear games available in the pal region.


Sega Mega CD -

The Sega Mega Cd console was released in 2 versions. The front loading Mega cd 1 and the top loading Mega cd 2. The consoles were known in North america as the Sega cd. There are 97 Sega Mega CD games released on the pal region.

Sega Pico

Sega 32x

Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Advanced pico Beena

These retro consoles and other retro games are available on our website.