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Sega Master System Games Checklist pal

Master System games 


all games will be described in detail allowing you to make an informed decision on what you are buying.

 our Sega games @8bitbeyond will be graded as follows...

 Mint- Hangtab present, No damage at all to the game.

VGC- Complete with manual, may show very minor signs of wear.

Good- may not have hangtag, Complete with manual, obvious minor signs of wear, ie dog eared manual edge wear to the sleeve.

Acceptable- multiple signs of wear, possible missing manual, dog eared or crease manual, faded/sun bleached sleeve, small tears.

Poor- any significant tears, missing manual, all round grubby and only really good to be played with.

Tried + Tested 

All of our Sega games are tested and will be in full working order regardless of condition. 

Sega Master system history

The Sega Master system is an 8 bit console, It was Sega's first attempt at tapping into the North America region. Trying to gain market share from the Nintendo Entertainment System. The original release took place in 1991.

Master System Game Cards 

Please note that there are a number of sega master system card based games. These will only work on the master system model 1 or a Sega MegaDrive model 1 with the Master system converter. (model 1 also)

 Tec-Toy Master System Games

There is a Selection of Sega's Master system games that were brought to market in Brazil under the Tec-Toy banner. These can be quite expensive as they were only released there and collectors love theme to the vibrant artwork on the cases.

Sega Master system 3D Glasses 

3-d Glasses were released for the console which again will only work with the model 1 console. There are a number of Sega Master system games released to work with these. 


How many Master system games were released?

315 games were released worldwide with there being 271 games in the pal collection, 15 released only in Japan, 22 Brazilian releases and 4 North American exclusives.

There are a number of special packs that were made of the master system. These had games built in the most common of which being Alex Kidd in miracle world. A platform game which had mini games like Rock Paper Scissors on the side, Sonic the hedgehog Sega's famous blue blur was presented in this side scrolling platform game. And Hang on a motorbike racing game. Some of the games saw a 16 bit release later on via the genesis/mega drive.

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive has the ability to play master system games when used in conjunction with the power base converter (there are 2 models of this adapter.

Console Models

There are 2 models of the master system console, the model 1 had an integrated card reader to allow the use of 3d glasses and also the limited card games to be played. The model 2 was a more compact unit and did not have this card reader slot, It also did not have an LED to indicate wether it was turned on or not which could be infuriating. Both model console had versions with games built in like Alex Kidd in miracle world and Sonic the hedgehog.

 Value of the Best Sega Master System

The value of the console has a huge range dependent on which variant it is and the condition of the box and contents it ranges anywhere between £30 (loose model 2)-£750 (new in box). There were a number of special Disney themed boxes which are very sought after, The lion king being one of them. 

Some of the Sega Master System game can cost close to £1000 for the likes of Mak-jong and mah-jong due to their scarcity. The majority of the library can be picked up for under £20 each.

With the Majority of the game sleeves being white it is common place for them to look grubby, So pristine white will always sell for more.

The master System's are not region locked so you can play games from North America on a console from the United Kingdom.

Some of the best video games on the console include Phantasy star a great RPG to compete with final fantasy on the Nintendo. It is regarded as on of the best games of all time in 8 bit format. Many Sonic games Sega chose to release on both consoles which gave them exposure to more customers. One of Sega's best achievements was the creation of the Master System adapters for both the game gear and Mega Drive allowing the games to be played across all of their consoles. Other games include R type, Psycho fox, Wonder boy dragon's trap, Alex Kidd in Shinobi world, Alex Kidd and the lost stars, Space Harrier. Speaking to Sega fans they regard the Master System version of Sonic 2 one of the best on the system. Even after it was Discontinued around most places in the world the console still had popularity in Brazil. Even to this day in 2021 8 bit video games are still being produced for Sega's 8 bit Master system. One video game that is an unsung hero is Miracle warrior so keep a look out for the title. All in all the Master system was a failure compared to the nes, The SMS library just was in no way as expansive, There is still a good selection to choose from and waste away many hours having fun.

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