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Hi I am Dave owner of 8BitBeyond welcome to our site, we
are a UK based company who Sell & ship Retro video games + peripherals to customers in the United Kingdom + Internationally.
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As a collector I got Fed of of seeing or buying items from various sources which were "MINT" only to receive an item that had condition issues that weren't made clear. Being a full set Collector it was also apparent that cheap shelf fillers were a pain top get because the postage cost often outweighed the value of the game. So i wanted to deliver a service where people could buy games and have shipping that was able to be consolidated. Items that were good condition or it was noted that they were damaged in some way shape or form. 
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The Conception of 8 Bit Beyond has come from a Passion for video games. As a collector I got ever frustrated with with it being a Roulette on what you managed to purchase. From condition issues, Not knowing whether a product was going to arrive, be a genuine product, Items sent in Jiffy bags or getting damaged in the post. All of these things are frustrating and time consuming. So 8 Bit Beyond is Born, We are all about good quality Products, Accurate descriptions, Correctly Packaged and Speedy Delivery.
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You may have found us to buy games for your collection, you may want games to play with friends or family, You may just be looking for some guidance or advice. Whatever has brought you here we welcome you and are on hand to assist wherever we can.
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We have an ever changing inventory of stock across a multitude of platforms If you can't see what you are looking for please reach out and ask. Because we upload images of the actual products it takes a long time to add products.
We also want to be perfect but we are human so we do get things wrong from time to time, We will never see a customer unhappy so if for any reason you are please reach out and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue for you.
I hope you enjoy your search and again if we can help please reach out
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All of our items use the actual photos of the item you are buying. We do often have games where we hold multiple inventory items of said game and we can get it wrong picking the wrong item, In the unfortunate event this ever happens we will always rectify the issue. We use smart water on our products to protect against fraud. If you ever have any issue with products from us we are always happy to assist in sorting the issues.