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Wii Games


A range of over 1200 wii games were released for the Nintendo Wii console. Yet the most popular are the likes of wii sports and sports resort which ironically came with the the console upon various releases. The best selling Wii games series is Just dance with number 2 being the best selling and just dance 2020 being the last game released on the console. The 3d motion control based controller brought a whole new dimension to games like Mario kart where you no longer just pressed buttons, the way the controller was held and moved effected the gameplay. Overall the wii games are relatively cheap due to the popularity of the console. There is so much fun to be had with family and friends, The range of platformers is great for single player lovers. Overall lots of great fun to be had but not the greatest outlet for hardcore gamers. 


Have fun browsing our selection of games we will be adding more as we get chance. all of our games are checked and in full working order so you can buy with confidence. we specify wether the game comes with manual and vip card in the particular product listing.


When buying Wii games make sure you check the disc, It is very common place that the discs have been mishandled by many young people, watch out for scratches and gouges out of the silver side of the disc as this can cause running issues with the wii u games.