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Sony Playstation

The Sony PlayStation is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was first released on 3 December 1994. 2 main models were released the Playstation 1 and the PS one. The playstation1 is the original was more of a rectangular block in comparison to the ps one that had a smaller and sleeker design. We try to keep both variants in stock all machines are used and in good working order. The PlayStation 1 sold a great number of machines many of which were modified to run copied games. The has had an effect on the second hand market as there are less original games available for certain titles due too poor sales. The playstation 1 was greatly anticipated in the United Kingdom, Upon release it took the market by storm. Sony had a huge marketing campaign for their first entry into the video games market.

Playstation 1 cost

Their initial product was over £100 cheaper than the Sega Saturn. Along its life there are many variations of the PS1 console and over 800 playstation games were released on the console. Credit where it is due Sony made all manufacturers step up their game, Their success was also a major part in the downfall of Sega within the console arena selling 3 ps1 consoles to Sega's single Saturn. Both gaming consoles had advantages and were great to play and with an army of fans for each which one was the best will always be argued. The video game system has stood the test of time with many still working to the day they are easy to find products in good condition. Shop deals can be found at a reasonable price.

Original Playstation video game consoles

The original psx console was rectangular in shape and roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper. The original controller was very similar to that of the ps4 controller of today, It was just wired and didn't have dual shocks. The revision later on came with dual shock technology which allowed vibration giving the game system a 3d feel something that Sega did not have. The black discs that the video games were pressed on were a first as not standard cd's that were typical with the Saturn. The pal region hardware was built with quality as you would expect from the Sony brand. The company spent a lot of money on digital marketing and complete brand based advertising with international deals.

Graphics control

The first Audiophile model was released and with its superior progress on graphics output, It was also one of the best CD players on the market for Music to be played on. At the time of release you could spend thousands of pounds on a CD player and the sound output still would not be as good as that outputted by the PS1 audiophile machine. The retro console first featured in 1995 and even 25 years on it is still a product you can find in a house or even some service studios. The stock memory card could be used to store music songs created in conjunction with some of the Audio related games.