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sega 32x console known as the mushroom top, was an add on for the mega drive


sega 32x console

Our range or Sega 32 x consoles + accessories, we offer replacement consoles, and other pieces of kit that could help make you set up complete again, These are ever changing. There are 3 variations of the console, Pal, Ntsc and Ntsc-j the games are not interchangeable unless your machine is modded, and you would also need other hardware modded in conjunction ie the mega drive or mega cd. 


Things to watch for.


Capacitors failing, the internal white ribbons needing reseating. The cartridge slots needing cleaning. 


Good thing is they are often simple fixes that with general cleaning can be kept up to date.


The console has 23 cartridge games and also 4 cd based games which need both the Sega 32x console and the Sega Mega cd console connected to a Mega Drive. 3 of the cartridge based games are extremely difficult to find and can cost a huge sum of money.


Whilst the console was short lived it was a great add on to the mega drive and has people Split like Marmite They either love it or Hate it! The sega 32x console is getting harder to come by and the price is consistently rising so if it is an item you want in your collection then don't wait round too long. With all that said if you end up going for a full set make sure you sit down when checking out the top 3 sega 32x games.