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Nintendo Wii consoles 


The family favourite released by Nintendo back in 2006 is still a firm favourite 14 years on. Its ability to use Gamecube controllers allowed users of the previous generation of console to upgrade whilst still retaining that backward compatibility with their games they all ready owned. The release model like the gamecube had 4 controller ports hidden neatly under the top flap. The wii itself used wireless controllers for the console. It became usable by the whole household with the release of the balance board in 2007 and it sold out straight away which peaked interested and kept them selling on third-party sale sites for double that of the release price.

Nintendo wii Family console

Parents of young Wii owners began using the console and Nintendo's Marketing continued to promote it as a family console. They did a fantastic job with this and even today in 2020 the console has sold over 101 million units. This made it Nintendo's Best ever selling console, Their Handhelds did better in terms of volumes. The Nintendo Wii console will remain a firm family Favourite for years to come.


Wii console Warnings

Things to look out for when purchasing-

  1. Controllers and balance board- It is very common for the Battery compartments to corrode so make sure you check these when purchasing.
  2. Top flaps are quite flimsy and the brackets snap off
  3. Not all Wii's are backwards compatible, So if you want to play gamecube games make sure you look for the controller ports on the top.
  4. Disc drives failing is another common problem.
  5. Parental controls- If left on the parental controls can cause havoc with a new owner trying to use the console.