Microsoft Og original Xbox consoles

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Microsoft Original Xbox consoles

  • What is the oldest Xbox console?/What was the very first Xbox?
  • -The OG was the first xbox console released back in 2001

    • How much did the original Xbox cost?

    -£300 for the console games and additional controllers were £49.99p each at launch

    • What is the old Xbox called?

    It is referred to as The original xbox or the OG Xbox

    • Is the original Xbox rare?

    -The PS2 outsold the original X-Box at a rate of 5-1. So compared to the PS2 maybe but in general terms no, The translucent Green console only had 5000 released in Europe so that is Rarer

    • Did the original Xbox have HDMI?

    -No it had a component cable

    • How much is the original Xbox worth in 2020?/ Is an original Xbox worth anything?

    -Prices vary due to condition and particular variant of console, But they are worth money.

    Xbox Console

    The Original Xbox console is now 20 years old after being released in November of 2001 in United States of America and March 2002 in the United Kingdom and Europe. It was Microsofts Maiden Voyage into the Console Market. It was brought about with Microsoft feeling threatened that the abilities of the PS2 would affect its computer sales. It is a Sixth generation console, that competed with the Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. Like its Nintendo counterpart it has 4 controller ports on the front allowing you to play with up to 4 people without the need of a multi way adapter that the Sony required. Like the PS2 it is able to play DVD video discs.

    OG Xbox
    Online Gaming

    Back in 1990 Sega released the Sega MegaNet For the Mega Drive/ Genesis. It carried on with the Saturn and then the Dreamcast. 1995 brought Nintendo's DD64 which connected the N64 to the internet in Japan. Playstation joined the party in 2000 with the playstation 2. But the Real advance came with the release of the xbox and Xbox live Service.The Microsoft Xbox live service really was the catalyst of today's online gaming scene. The service pushed the boundaries and continues too, this has kept Sony and Nintendo on their feet making sure they kept developing their own services. The competition between the companies to offer these services has kept the standards high for the consumer. Halo 2 Microsofts exclusive first person shooter became a blockbuster game for the console and really helped with the growth of the online market.


    OG Xbox Specification

    The console had a 733mhz intel pentium 3 processor, 64mb DDR ram and a 233mhz Nvidia Graphics card and a 8-10gb hard drive. It has 7.3 Gflops compared to the Xbox series x with its 12 terraflops.

    How Many variant of the original Xbox are there?

    There are some 20 variations of the Console, with the standard black, Crystal and translucent green, to the Limited Tony hawks, panzer dragoon Orta, 50 Cent and halo, Mountain dew and hulk editions being just some of them detailed content information can be found here on the consoles .

    People in the United Kingdom fell in love with the halo video game, Microsoft found many new adorning fans with its x-box product.

    Xbox video game releases

    People will ask "Are old xbox games worth anything?" There are over 1000 games released with a handful of games that all ready cost £250+ game prices are increasing all the time on the format as more people start to collect for it. Notable rare titles are Xiaolin Showdown, Room Zoom, Steel Battalion controller set.

    Is the original Xbox retro?

    Yes it is, it is a 6th gen machine which has become retro with the release of the new playstation and Xbox consoles.

    Microsoft Development

    With the OG being their first development they went on to create the xbox 360 product then onto the xbox one and most recently the series X/S. The og xbox used standard pc parts in terms of the hdd and cd rom etc which is what required it to need such a big case to store it all in. The xbox 360 and xbox one used specific parts allowing the consoles to be more ergonomically design and more pleasing to the eye. The xbox 360 has an external power supply and the xbox one x/s was refined to include it inside the unit. The top of the OG had the Microsoft badge on it.

    Laying it flat?

    Through development the newer consoles were able to be laid flat or stand upright which was good if you have space restrictions. Great developments keep being implemented with every update of a system. Back wards compatibility means people can still play older games even with the consoles being discontinued.


    Controllers have moved from wired to wireless and become easier to handle. They can also be connected to a windows PC to have a full functional controller for pc gaming. The First controller was the Duke and may have felt quite awkward to some, Like younger children with small hands. It greatly resembled the Sega Dreamcast controllers. The refined smaller S controller was released which is easier to handle. They both had pig tail wires which pulled apart if pulled too hard, This stopped damage to the controller and the console if someone tripped over the wire. It also gave parents something to hide if their child was naughty. No wire, No ability too use. Mat catz released unofficial wireless controllers for the console which had a receiver that plugged into the console Much like the Sega variations before it.

    Xbox Duke Controller                    Xbox S controller for og XBOX

    OG Xbox Summary

    A fantastic gaming system with a full library of games to buy and content found on the XBL servers for users and players to explore. Even 20 years on you can still buy the set and spend lots of time. As long as you got space a fun unit for all the family to play.