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You can buy Sega Mega drive Games that are listed here which include sports, rare titles, and most other games from a - z. We advise using these games on the Original Sega Mega Drive 1 or 2 models. This is because. some of these games will not work on the newer consoles. Micro Machines J-carts with the extra ports is a perfect example of this!
Sega Mega Drive Game Collection pal
There are over 500 games available in the Pal Mega Drive collection with the most famous franchise being Sonic the hedgehog, Others include golden axe
Arcade game, streets of rage 2, There are beats em ups like mortal kombat and street fighter ii, Rpg favourites shining force and phantasy star. Sonic became Sega's Mascot. Platform games included Gunstar heroes, Earthworm Jim, Wonderboy in the monster world, Donald duck. There is also a selection of Australian exclusive releases. Collectors prefer subsets such as the brown box set. Sega Mega Drive Games' most expensive game is the Lakers vs Celtics. Collectors argue wether it counts towards a full Pal set or not. Pulled from sale because EA sports had licensing issues with the NBA. Only 14 copies are now in known existence, The last copy of this game sold in August of 2020 for around £4,200. The manual and sleeve were different from the norm defining this game from the rest. The Hungarian release of world championship soccer 2 is another rare game and it has a blue spine box. You will have to pay a four-figure sum to buy these Sega Mega Drive games because they are so rare.

Mega drive game regions

There are 3 main regions that mega drive games sit in. There is the Pal region covering Europe. There is the Sega Genesis console covering North America and there is NTSC-J covering Japan. There is some region locking and differences between the 3 and also some of the names of games vary between regions.
The Sega Genesis console has some games that will work on the mega drive and others were region locked Saturday night slam masters is one that will not work on a pal machine.
Ntsc-j sega mega drive ran at 60hz not 50 like their Pal counterparts. Also, the cartridge slot was different enough that the games didn't fit, unlike the sega Genesis console where the carts between that and the Pal machine would fit either way. Bare Knuckle was the Japanese version of Streets of rage. If you put Streets of rage in a Japanese machine (modified) it loads up as Bare Knuckle. across the globe, there is over 1000 video games available for the mega drive.

MegaDrive game Genre favourites

Platform- Sonic, Ristar, Gunstar heroes, Earthworm Jim, wonder boy in monster world, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Sonic 2, Ecco the dolphin
Fighting games- Mortal Kombat, Streetfighter ii, Streetfighter ii Champion edition,
Racers- Micro Machines series (multiplayer mode), virtual racing, Outrun series.
RPG- Shining force and fantasy star series.
Shoot em ups- Contra hard corps, Musha, Desert strike, castlevania games, Donald duck,

Sonic 2

It was a favourite among all, The two-player Mode introduced a whole new video game experience with Sega introducing Tails as a sidekick to their fan favourite Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 followed the same platform-style gameplay that appeared in the original game.

Video Game Maintenance

Many spent their younger years blowing cartridges to get their games working after seeing a black screen, Little did we know back then that a cotton bud (q-tip in North America) coupled with some cleaning solution would clean the contacts of the game and make them work again. This trick has saved many titles all around the world. Sharing this tip will make you a hero among friends. The sega mega drive console seldom failed the system was always ready for action as long as the contacts were kept clean on the title you were able to get down to action.

Sega vs Nintendo the rivalry

Much like the Super Nintendo, the Sega mega drive was 16 bit, it had an array of really classic games and original arcade ports on the console. Which meant no more spending money in the arcade all the action could be had in your own home gaming. The version of the console you own can be distinguished by the colour buttons on the mega drive. Unlike the Snes (Super Nintendo entertainment system) which is more difficult as the variations are done by way of circuit board upgrades. Both consoles are classic home entertainment systems.
Upon release gaming had changed forever, most games had a two-player mode version available, allowing split-screen mode in lots of games, Some games like Wily Wars you scrolled along with the level together uncovering the action-filled world of enemies around you. Some Games allowed you to play the Hero or enemy, you decided who to control Contra hard corps or champion edition street fighter had characters to choose.
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Sega Mega Drive Sports Titles

The sports secion couldnt be written about with mentioning the likes of John madden football, Sensible soccer, Nhlpa hockey, NBA jam playoff edition. Gamers were able to be players take control, and be their favourite players to win their games. The next generation of console after the Master system and nes era.