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Sega Game Gear Games Information.


Games came in cardboard boxes and being a handheld console most of the boxes were ditched. In favour of the ease of carrying cartridges only when travelling with the unit. With so many destroyed there is a significant price difference between loose cartridge and boxed ones. There are 196 Sega Game gear games in the pal collection. There are some very hard-to-get games in the collection surprisingly a few of the sonic titles are extremely hard to find boxed. Then there is the likes of Surf Ninja and power drive that seem to be even harder to find than a DODO. All in all there are a number of full set owners out there but it is a very difficult feat to achieve. Not for the faint-hearted. Many games have a 2 player mode by connecting 2 sega game gear handheld consoles together via the link cable which opened up a whole new world of gameplay and some new features/content.


The 3 main regions were Pal (Europe) NTSC (North America) and NTSC-j (Japan). Whilst the consoles are not region locked you will see that if using a Japanese unit with a pal games it changes the text to Japanese etc. Also the American version used the same fitting as the Mega drive 2 power supply.

Sega game gear Maintenance

The capacitors used were poor quality and are all in need of replacement. It is recommended that you buy one that has all ready been done. Also don't leave batteries in your Console because of corrosion. Problems with the display and the sound are indicators of capacitor problems

Games Genre

There were many adventure, action, genre games including titles based on mastersystem available and also quite similar in terms of content. Often publisher content was known to use the same version for the title. Playing Sega games that had a release across both the Sega game gear and Master system would allow you to see all the similarities. Sonic had a number of exclusive games on the game gear that didn't come out on the other Sega consoles. Like Sonic Drift, labyrinth, 2-1, Blast. Some of the best games Sega released were on the game gear handheld a list of games is available on our website that may help you if you're collecting the set. Being a Sega machine we believe it was one of the best handhelds ever created perfect for playing on long journeys. if travelling for a time you could play action games or a turn based game to pass time. Like other battery powered devices from 1995 you couldn't play for a long time. As the batteries may run out quickly and whilst in the middle of games. It was best to keep batteries spare just in case.

Game Gear accessories

Accessories Included a tv tuner so it could be used to watch tv on the go. These are still about today but don't work due to tv signals being analogue these days. An external battery pack , Master system converter, FM radio module, Screen magnifier, Link cable, power supply to use on mains power.

 Lcd Screen Modification

Play has been given a new lease of life with the development of LCD screen which many fans of the console are retro fitting. Having had a go on one of these the end result is phenomenal, A worthy upgrade for any one who wishes to play through the library. You can buy a modded console for around £200 or buy a mod kit for around £80. You can find examples on YouTube.

 Fakes beware

Be wary when purchasing boxed games, it is getting more common to see reproduction boxes. You can check your boxes by looking at the artwork for any pixelation in the text and misalignment of colour.

Play with Friends

Gaming on the Sega game gear was great a bit of fun for all to get involved to see who could come first. like columns a title that was from the puzzle genre which could be played with 2 gaming consoles using a separate screen where ever you were in the world.

Fan Favourites

The Sonic the hedgehog series of games are always high on the list of anyone making a purchase. They always choose to have these on their list of top Sega game gear games. North America got Shining force. What would you have as top of your list of best game gear games? It may be a title that is different and would never appear on someone else's or something you have seen a review on either way so many to try from all different games available a particular publisher. Online hit up some group on Facebook to find like minded collectors. There are specific Sega game gear games collection pages you can find a wealth of knowledge from.

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