Sega mega cd model 2 boxed console
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Sega mega cd model 2 boxed console

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Sega mega cd model 2

Sega mega cd model 2

Boxed console

complete with 

 power supply

extension plate and fitting

power supply 

The Sega Mega cd Model 2 is a more cost effective system, less tends to go wrong with them, also the parts are cheaper than for that of a model 1, so many collectors will use these as a day to day machine and keep the model 1 for show. the model 2 came with an extender plate so you could use it with the MegaDrive model 1 if you had all ready purchased. There was 96 games released for the Mega cd in Europe and there are some that to this day are very hard to get hold of. The mega Cd known as the Sega CD in North America was released in 3 regions, North America, Japan/asia and Europe. The games are not interchangeable as they are region locked. There are multi version Bios chips out there to allow you to have your console to have multi region functionality, It is worth noting that both the MegaDrive and mega cd Need to be modded to support this. It is common for the machines to be modded as many like the fact that the other regions run on 60hz as a pose to pal only being 50hz. There are a few Must have games for the console like sonic cd and final fight. Some of the games Like the RPG lovers favourite Snatcher is now costing near £500. When the games were released they were sealed in plastic  and had a piece of card round the end of the case know as a spine card, As an example the spine card alone for snatcher can cost you £300-£400 just for a piece of card. The Sega Mega CD Model 2 is a fantastic console that will be popular for years to come.

Sega Mega cd model 2 console paired with the mega drive model 2
Sega Mega Cd model 2 with MegaDrive 2

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