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Original xbox games are becoming focused on by collectors, The market is growing and game prices are increasing as the games become more scarce. There are all ready titles that have breached £400 to purchase, and as a general population the game prices overall are continuing to rise, You can still get lucky and find console bundles in the wild periodically, But this seems less common than the likes of playstation 2 etc. Our belief is that it is because the Original xbox was so big and cumbersome that many people disposed of them once they had lost interest in the console or when upgrading. There are shy of 1000 titles available across the pal region for the console. There is a fantastic array of Xbox games available for the console so there really is something for everyone. That coupled with Microsofts introduction of Xbox Live mean't that gaming changed forever. Microsoft have also kept lots of titles in the market place today with Backwards compatibility on a selection of games gave players a chance to go back and experience all the fun again and again. When purchasing always check the centre of the discs as the case operates via a push button pressed in at the centre to release the disc. Many people just pull the the xbox games off the spindle and this can cause the centre ring to crack potentially damaging the disc. This is a similar problem to the gamecube  game discs and cases.    

xbox games case
xbox games case