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Wii U Games

 Wii U games, Are available via disc based media and also digital download. Similar to that of blu-ray, all though they are not actually blu-ray. 

The Wii u sold from 2012  to 2017. Over 5 years 163 physical wii u games got released in pal format. Circa 20 different box variations of the console exist. Each containing different game packs. The console sold 13.5 million consoles worldwide. The Wii u was a failure by the sales output metic in comparison to its peers. The Wii u lost Nintendo market share to its competitors. The console has a growing market where collectors and families have picked up the consoles. This is because they have fallen in love with  playability.



The game discs are harder wearing than that of Sony and Microsoft. This makes it common to find undamaged. Nintendo released digital games via it's E-shop for download.  Downloaded games could be recovered at a later date if they had been lost. The console could be restored if it was wiped or reset this allowed it to keep a higher value. If owners moved away from the Nintendo brand the digital contact still had a home with the new buyer.


The Wii U also Brought the arrival of the amiibo's. There are little figurines that are able to cause actions within games by passing them over the scanner. This was something new from Nintendo. They work with the newer consoles too so are collectible.

The wii u games library had all the usual Nintendo favourites like Mario, Zelda, Kirby,

Donkey kong and Yoshi

Making it a firm favourite with families, Friends and even older people for fitness tracking. The monster Hunter box variant is probably the rarest one on the console.


The last release of wii u games was Zelda Breath of the wild. Nintendo's favourite RPG series closing out the life of the ill fated system. Many fans have bought the system just to play the game.


Wii U Games
Wii u Games





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