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Sega Mega CD/Sega CD

Released as the Sega Mega CD in most regions outside North America and Brazil (known as the sega cd in these 2 regions), is a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis designed and produced by Sega as part of the fourth generation of video game consoles. With improved Sound from the cd drive, it is a shame Sega didn't do anything to improve the color palette.

Sonic CD Mega cd 


How many US Sega CD Games are there?

There are 96 Sega Mega cd released in the pal region and as Sega CD in North America there are 166 Japan had 148 games. Most of the games game in double jewel case cd. There is a handful of games that came in the North American long box style case. The long box cases can be problematic as they are not easily replaced in Europe. Microcosm came in both jewel and long box variants.

 Mega CD Cases

The pal Sega Mega cd game cases can be replaced a lot easier, Double Music cd cases can be used to replace the outer case if there is any damage. The Sega CD games cases are long box and specific to the games so finding replacements is very difficult, They are also easily damaged.

 Disc Condition and sleeve

It is vitally important that you check the cd's when buying games, Hold the disc up to a light and look for any pin holes of light shining through. Any pinholes near the Data ring will cause problems. If you are buying an expensive game it is a good idea to check the inlays, this can be done by popping off the cd holder plates. Once off on the edges you should see perforated lines this is a good indicator that the inserts are real and original. Be wary with Scratches on ( Full motion video) FMV games as the laser will do lots of jumping around on the cut scenes and scratches can cause issues with this.

 Finding the games

Some Sega Mega cd/sega cd Games are easier found in different parts of Europe, for example The Smurfs comes up in France and Germany more commonly than the UK, The adventures of batman & Robin appears in Spain and so on. There are a handful of games that are difficult to find but the Sega Mega cd is a great set to collect for. Some games are very easy to come across like sonic cd and final fight.

Other Games had a dual release for the cd 32x like night trap giving a new level . To play the cd 32x games you need both the mega cd/Sega CD cd rom and the 32x cartridge add ons connected to the mega drive/Genesis.

Can the Sega CD/Mega Cd play burned games?

Yes , the Console can play backups on it without the need for modification.

Does the Sega Mega CD work with Genesis?

As standard units no they are not interchangeable, If the Genesis is modified then it would work, it is the same the other way as both consoles are region locked.

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