Nes Nintendo entertainment system

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Nes Nintendo Entertainment System 

The Nes is an 8 bit family games console. It was the first of Nintendo's Consoles released back in October 1985 in the USA by a start up called Nintendo of America. They Struggled to get through to the retailers even after conveying the success of the Japanese model released 2 years earlier. In Japan the console was called the Famicom and it was very successful. The European version launched in the uk in 1986 and cost £79.99 when it launched. The console was a front loading machine the games popped in the slot and pressed down until the spring locked them into place, The Nes action pack came with a light gun, Mario Bros and Duck hunt games. The original gun was grey in colour and was deemed too realistic looking so was later changed to orange making it stand out.

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The turtles game pack is the most vibrant of the box variants  and a must have for any collector. There were other Greats like R.O.B the robot pack. There is the super set which came with the 4 player adapter and 4 controllers which made for great fun with friends straight from the box. The early versions were initial contracted to Mattel this is indicated by the Mattel badge on the cartridge slot lid. The later models were then badged as NES. 

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The NES will forever be the start of console gaming for a huge part of the Nintendo community.